Social Media
Using social media tools for advertising your product can be a major gamechanger for your business. Choose from a wide range of formats like photos, videos, slideshows, carousel etc. for creating maximum impact. We monitor and manage influencer posts, which can bring about a radical difference in brand outreach. Our services include accurate analytics of conversions to help you channelize your resources effectively and optimize conversion within your budget.
Programmatic Ads
Internet has replaced TV as the preferred source of information, entertainment and communication for millennials. Watching and sharing videos has almost attained equal status as mainstream media consumption among the youth. Hence more and more brands are vying for coveted ad space on YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Twitch etc. We help you create tailor made video advertising campaigns, so you can optimize conversions and maximize your earning potential.
Video Marketing
Through real-time bidding on ad inventory, we will help you display your ads only to customers who matter. This practice is a huge step-up from the traditional processes of manually buying ad space. We can thus help you optimise your ad costs and, and exponentially boost efficiency by channelizing efficient human capital away from wasteful manual negotiations and transactions, towards more goal-oriented and contextually relevant advertising.


Why Choose Zone Media?

We at Zone Media only believe in delivering innovative campaigns that drive traffic, leads and sale. We work towards driving excellence in everything we do be it work, communication or party.

Results driven social animals with creativity and technology at its core!

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How ZoneMedia Works?

Dedicated Account Management

Dedicated & active account management & Support Team for quick response.

ROI Focus

The in-house Ad Ops team have Return on Investment (ROI) focus which helps to derive the best of results against every penny spent.

Design & Tech

Our in-house design & tech teams have a cumulative experience of over 100+years, making them one of the best in the industry.

Fraud Detection & Reporting

We have our own in-house fraud detection & reporting platforms which ensures that brands does not spend their budgets in illegitimate & Non Human traffic.

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