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Step into the dynamic realm of Programmatic Display Advertising, where Bidbox.AI, our cutting-edge DSP technology, reigns supreme. Our AI-powered DSP, optimizes campaigns beyond core goals, catering to diverse metrics.

It intelligently allocates budget, targets with 50+ cohorts, and leverages advanced algorithms for precise audience engagement and impactful results. Know More

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Define campaign objectives, target audience, preferred devices, geographic locations, and other relevant parameters for a strategic and focused start.


Dynamically add creatives for personalized messaging, enhancing audience engagement and campaign effectiveness


Launch the campaign, with the DSP serving ads in response to RTB auctions, ensuring your targeted audience receives personalized and timely content


Monitor campaign performance, analyze data, and make real-time adjustments to maximize efficiency, targeting accuracy, and overall campaign success

The future of advertising with Bidbox.AI - where innovation meets unparalleled campaign performance.

At Zone Media, our wealth of experience in running successful programmatic campaigns empowers brands.
Our dedicated team of experts meticulously optimises each campaign, ensuring strategic precision.

Your investment translates into tangible returns, as we drive impactful results for every penny spent, maximising the potential of programmatic advertising.

What Makes us Unique?

With the help of AI we can optimizes campaign for related metrics too. E.g If a brand aims to run a CPC campaign, we can optimize based on session metrics.

Our AI-enabled DSP, intelligently allocates budget to high-performing inventories, ensuring optimal spend efficiency and impactful results compared to other DSPs.

Harness the power of our DSP for comprehensive audience reach, ensuring your brand connects with the right audience at the right time

Bidbox stands out by providing targeting solutions powered by AI. This means the DSP uses advanced algorithms to analyze user behavior and engagement patterns

Gain clear insights into campaign performance with transparent reporting, empowering informed decisions and maximizing return on investment

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