How meme culture is taking the internet by storm?

So IPL is back with season 14, for entertaining us with back-to-back matches, and so is our after-match ‘entertainment,’ MEMES as we call it. Honestly, who doesn’t crack up at those RCB memes?

Not a month goes by when there is no new meme trending on social media sites. Especially during the pandemic when the world was busy fighting a deadly virus, memes kept us alive. We have witnessed a huge cultural shift within the past few years. My grandfather never showed me a ‘trending joke’ from their 20s, but we sure will show that to the upcoming generation.

Memes can go from whining about the difficulties of being an undergrad to communicating humiliation felt during an experience in an individual’s day-to-day life – something that everybody can relate to. 

55% of 13-35years olds send memes each week—and 30% send them consistently.

There can be a meme for any age group, event, or feeling.

Example: You are going through a breakup and keep telling you to ‘stay strong.’


Are you an introvert who doesn’t like socializing? You might find this relatable.

And the list goes on, there is no end to how creative people could be.

Memes are straightforward, compact, and unequivocal in their messages, and this social worldview is an impression of the mindset of current culture – one that qualities diversion, champions realism, and supports the need felt by individuals to stay pertinent. Their availability and capacity to contact an enormous crowd inside the space of minutes (and in practically no time, become part of the web dictionary) imply that images can likewise be utilized as publicity devices, that can without much of a stretch impart and concrete convictions that immediately become mainstream among netizens.

Memes in a way united us all. They validated some of the feelings, which we were too skeptical to share with the world. They add humor to our dull day-to-day life. They have no cultural or language barriers.

They have a critical effect on society in supporting the spread of social patterns in a fast and overpowering design. 

From the socialist point of view, memes are by all accounts an extraordinary and viable instrument to make social mindfulness. It educates on various topics concerning health, education, and other elements of the general interest. 

One should think about memes as a medium that helps social development and as to bring issues to light from an alternate point of view about significant issues.

Memes are untraceable and random: there is no hard science on which picture, video, or joke will turn into a web sensation next. The exercise here is that we can’t compel an image to turn into a viral hit. You do need to depend on karma. Images may bring you unexpected outcomes in comparison to what you anticipated. 

These aren’t only a parody leisure activity for Internet users and youngsters, but they also have genuine social effects. It takes seconds for a meme to break borders and reach some miles away. As easily as it spreads information it also can be used to spread rumors, hate speech, or some political propaganda. The power it holds is enormous, it’s a social weapon that must be used smartly. 

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