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Get Your Brand Noticed with These Unique Ideas

We are living in an era where social media is one of the biggest drivers of our opinion. Following this,
every brand out there is trying to get heard and noticed on social media. Given the winds blowing in
favour of innovation and entrepreneurship, indeed there are many brands on every platform vying
for the target consumer’s attention. The only way to stand out is great content. But how do you
decide what channel to use for which kind of content? That is why content strategy plays an
important part of any brand’s overall digital marketing efforts.
Good content strategy should start with defining the goals you want to achieve as a brand and be
tailored towards the audience. Here are a few easy ways you can drive maximum awareness through
your content:
Syndication: If the content your brand puts out is in line with subjects that make news, eg finance, it
may be a good idea to syndicate content for bigger platforms in exchange of a tag back to your site.
The audience of that bigger platform eg Google news is far more than the audience on your blog or
Facebook page, hence there are more chances your brand will get noticed. SEO value may be limited
but at least you will be grabbing more eyeballs of a niche that is already made and present.
Syndicated content should have a gripping headline with information valuable to a reader today. Any
outdated information reduces the chances of favourable engagement. It should not be very long and
must have links back to related content on you site.
Sponsored content or guest posts: To grab eyeballs in an initial stage, you could pay a bigger
platform to put out some sponsored post on there. For example, many new cosmetic brands put out
articles on Vogue and Cosmopolitan etc. You can even have a guest write some content for your site.
Be sure the guest has more followers and visibility than you do, so the money is a wise investment.
Your article will be tagged as “sponsored post” but some creative platforms like Buzzfeed make sure
that you do get the eyeballs you need. However, make sure the guest post is genuinely informational
or entertaining and adds some value to the platform instead of coming off as merely promotional. At
the end of the content there should be a one-line pitch for your website along with a link.
Paid advertising: While there is nothing like organic growth, the fact that it takes time to show
results is undeniable. If your investor’s money is on the line or you have a team to pay, maybe you
would want to speed things up. In this case paid advertising is the way to go, since you can
effectively see and measure the results to adapt your strategies accordingly. In order to make the
most of your money, you want your site to rank higher in paid search. For this, use niche and
targeted keywords. Eg. Coffee shops in Brooklyn is likely to bring in better results than “coffee
shops”. Your content should be relevant and well targeted towards keywords. Every search engine
has a different algorithm for ranking but expected ClickThrough Rate and quality of landing page are
two constants. So, you need to develop more landing pages to cover your topics than you would for
a page created for organic search. That’s not an issue from an SEO perspective as long as you no-
index your landing pages.
Summing up, in order to make your content reach the target audience is a speedy and effective
manner, it is important to understand the audience and gear the content wholly towards them.
Regardless of whether the search is paid or not, your content quality and site interface will go a long
way in determining how much your audience chooses to engage with you.

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