Up Your Conversion Game with These Marketing Strategies

If your business is primarily geared towards providing solutions for other businesses, that is, a B2B,
you must be well aware of how important driving conversions are. Well, conversions are important
for all business, but in most B2C, even creating awareness is a desirable goal. For those involved in a
B2B, the market is only so wide, and you want to drive as many conversions possible before your
next competitor makes a better pitch. It is very important that you design the website to act like
your 24×7 salesperson. It has to do a flawless job of attracting leads, help them better understand
their needs and showcase the value of your solutions. If you want to find out how to achieve all this,
read on:
Change your perspective: It is important to look at your website design from a detached point of
view, that is, the customer’s. Then you will be able to objectively evaluate what kind of first
impression the website casts on the prospects. This first impression will go a long way in deciding
whether they want to bring their business to you. Most business owners also like to do significant
research before purchasing for their business, as the sum of money is larger than normal consumer
purposes. Naturally, they will begin their research on your company though the website, so make
sure it is prepared for it. The website has to load equally well on all screens and include professional
photos of your products, office, and team to grant it credibility.
Clarity is the key: When your website loads, the first thing that the consumer should understand is
who you are as a company and what you are trying to achieve. Ideally your content should be
headlined with clear titles that include keywords. This will help your site rank better, as well as
create better understanding. Explain in great detail what your understanding of the problem is, and
how you intend to solve it as a consumer. If your product is relevant to two or more market
segments, it is a good idea to divide the site accordingly and tailor each part to suit that audience
Create a conversion funnel: You want to use a conversion funnel approach to weed out the leads
who are not genuine and only hand out the best prospect to your sales team. Thus, the website can
play a huge role in streamlining your human resources only to leads that will make you money. The
conversion funnel starts with all customers who land on your website. After attracting them, you
need to give them some valuable resources in exchange of engagement for example some free e-
guide or business tool. At this stage some leads will be filtered out. The ones who choose to stay and
engage further are the ones genuinely interested in doing business with you, and you should
dedicate your sales force towards converting only them.
These were some of the ways you could tailor your website to drive more B2B conversions.
Remember to keep the content sharp and clear and the interface easy, and you will be making a ton
of money in no time.

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