How web search algorithms work w.r.t marketing?

Search engines are tools or portals to find answers, things and people. They exist to discover, organize and understand the internet’s content in order to offer the most relevant results to the questions searchers are asking. In order for search engines to show the desired result to the user, the content must be visible to the search engine. This is the first step in a web search algorithm also known as SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION.

In this article we will see how web search algorithms work with respect to marketing. Firstly, Marketing is the process of advertising a product or service to an audience so as to increase the sales/service. As we are riding a digital wave, online form of marketing has become more dominant. It is also known as digital marketing. In order to understand more clearly, every product we have heard or seen in our day to day life is available online when you search on the web. After the search you find various advertisements of the same product/service on every online portal you visit, be it a social media or any other website.

There are three major functions in web search algorithm that enhance the user experience and promote product/service for the sake of marketing:

  1. SEARCH ENGINE CRAWLING: Crawling is a discovery process where the search engine sends spiders or bots to scour the internet for content for each URL they find.
  2. SEARCH ENGINE INDEX: The spiders or bots then process and store information they find in an index of all the content they have discovered and find suitable for users requirement.
  3. SEARCH ENGINE RANKING: When someone looks for something, the search engine scour their index for highly relevant content and then orders that content to solve the searcher’s query, this is known as ranking.

This is how web search algorithms work and it is the same for marketing also.

Any company who plans to advertise its product online creates a web site in the company’s name and uploads the potential products with its specifications, prices, services and every other required field along with the segment or category of the product. The companies then use various digital marketing platforms to cater to the needs and preferences of a larger audience. When a person looks for a product, for example, a hair trimmer on any other search engines, various trimmers are available for the user to choose from. The user can then buy the desired product from any company that has provided the product under the required category with their specifications.

So, this is how promoting a product online is done and the desired results are provided using the web search algorithm to the searcher. There are various benefits that marketing companies get using the advance tool of web search algorithms:

  1. A huge platform that can advertise to millions of people.
  2. Lead Generation.
  3. Increase in sales volumes.
  4. Good recognition in the common market.

One of the biggest advantages of web search algorithms in marketing is that it’s an inbound marketing strategy and it is easier to get potential clients/customers for sale of the service or product as the client is well aware and interested in the product .

This is how web search algorithms work with respect to marketing.

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