5 most common mistakes to avoid while Video Advertising

Video advertising is one of the most important marketing tools that attracts a lot of consumers and the attention of potential investors. With time, video advertising has become a convenient and effective tool for marketers as it is an attractive and more versatile medium to reach the viewers. 

But all too often , marketers or companies often make videos that do not engage their audiences well. They struggle to create brand awareness among consumers. Thus, they are not able to attract a major portion of their target audience and ultimately fail to increase their revenue. 

Some of these common mistakes are listed below.

  1. Lack of good content and script:

One of the major mistakes that companies often make is creating content or script that they think their viewers need rather than what they actually want. Lack of good content has been the biggest reason why most of the advertisements don’t get enough viewership and thus do not attract consumers. Companies should create content that is in line with the latest trends. They should also take care of the needs and preferences of their target audience and strategically make videos in order to fulfill their desired objective. This will give video content the best opportunity to show up in search results on platforms such as Google or YouTube.

  1. Long length videos :

Marketers often make videos that are too long and thus, the attention of consumers is diverted in the meantime. This is repeatedly seen in the initial part of advertisements that start with a vague introduction, aesthetic footages but what they actually lack is good quality content. It does not matter how, but if you fail to get users to watch past those first few seconds, no one will want to see the video further. Many marketing videos are seen on platforms where people prefer watching videos while their system is muted. This means that you need to grab the users’ attention without relying on audio and make your visual content eye-catching and more appealing.

  1. To achieve too many goals in less time:

The best way to achieve good results with your marketing efforts is to produce content strategically in order to accomplish a target. For instance, people should  make a video advertisement targeting a specific demographic of the community, be it adults or children to cater to their specific needs. One should not rely on a specific video to target too many aspects at the same time. These mistakes are especially seen in many marketing videos where brands create a video without having any specific goal in mind. Typically, a video should have some objectives in mind such as increasing sales, building more customers, attracting new groups of the community, increasing the revenue to drive business growth.

  1. Giving less value to the customers emotions:

Videos are one of the most powerful marketing tools used in businesses. But often marketers do not value the emotions of their viewers and jump to conclusions too quickly. Getting your customers to invest emotionally in the brand value rather than financially can lead to many long term benefits. People should try to tie up multiple videos together with a thread that can create a buzz among the customers about the brand. This will make an attachment with the brand that goes beyond physical boundaries which will make customers invest more and more. As time goes on, creating links between videos, sharing a story of the product’s creation and linking it with people’s emotions will increase their viewership demand and ultimately have a positive impact on their revenue.

  1. Setting up wrong tones:

Knowing about the value of the brand and the products of the companies is important for creation of good content for your videos. From good content, background music and lighting to the customers’ needs and preferences, all elements impact how the viewers will feel after watching the advertisement. 

For example if a product is a children-friendly commodity, you must make sure that the video content should be according to the likes and dislikes of children, be it the music, voiceover,  directions or lighting. If the content does not match with the overall brand’s product vision, it can confuse your viewers and decline your market consumption.  


Video advertising is a modern weapon with which marketers can conquer the digital world with ease. But it is important to use this technique with precision and mindfulness or else it will leave no effect on the memory of your customers and they will fade away from the platforms quickly. This medium of advertising has great potential to build trust and credibility among the audience and if used accurately, it can boost conversions and ultimately drive business growth.

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