This Is How You Can Impress Your Suburban SEO Client

While dealing with your urban clients, you go all out to give him the best results. From doing a deep
dive into business audits to assessing technical errors, you make sure you pull out all stops to give
him nothing less than the perfect marketing service. After having bagged many such assignments,
you are suddenly faced with the prospect of taking on a client who is based in a rural or suburban
area. Is this new challenge leaving you unnerved already? Read on to find out how you can do SEO in
rural areas like a boss:
Get information: Schedule a phone call with the client and get complete information regarding his
basics such as name, address, business URL, business model, if there is any physical store etc. This
way you will be able to avoid time wastage waiting for the owner to fill out a form. Some other
details you might want to record in this phone call are their preferred search phrase, any existing
penalty or any listing being removed and the name and URL of the businesses who appear in the
same search as they want to rank for. This set of questions will give you a deeper understanding of
the client’s standing.
Create a framework: Invest a maximum of one working day to create an easy guide to local SEO.
This resource will be a structure you can fall back upon now and in future if you take on rural clients.
The guide should have a brief description of local SEO and a clear set of guidelines for practising the
same on Google, how to earn reviews and build offline relationships etc. End with complete contact
information so that the clients remember to contact you in future.
Create an audit spreadsheet: The next step is to create a competitive audit spreadsheet to assess
where the metrics of your client’s business stand against the metrics of the top competitor from
their location. Use the findings from this spreadsheet to create a report in an easy to understand
format for the client. After reading this he/she will be on the same page as you are regarding what
the business needs to achieve, and it will be easier for you to function. Include brief
recommendations of what needs to be done to improve on those metrics.
Focus on value: To stand out from other SEO providers, you need to give your client that added
benefit for his business that makes you stand out in his memory and do business with you many
times over. We recommend have a conversation in person or over the phone, where you can go over
the report in detail and answering all possible questions. This extra effort will help build a valuable
relationship with the client.
By following these steps, you can build yourself the framework of a marketing plan for rural areas as
well as create meaningful engagements with the clients. These simple efforts will take you a long
way in securing business in future as well as earning references.

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