Making PPC Campaigns for E-Commerce Companies Was Never This Easy!

Whether you are a digital marketing newbie or a veteran, you are familiar with the power of PPC. If you are engaged in an e-commerce campaign, you are very often tempted to spend a lot of time coming up with creative ideas to drive cheap, conversion-friendly clicks. What if we told you there are some easy ways to reach your PPC goals?

Balance the keywords: For e-commerce PPC campaigns, it is important to balance the broad and ultra-specific keywords.

A common scenario in such e-commerce sites is that your ad shows up too frequently, so customers click on your ad, use your site to do research on the product and then buy from somewhere else where they are getting  lower price, while you keep paying for the clicks. An easy way to avoid this problem is to target keywords from both ends of the sales funnel: general as well as specific. If your specific keywords are related to model numbers, their bid prices will be lower owing to low competition and there are fewer chances of stray clicks without conversion, given that the buyer who is searching for  a model is already aware of what she wants and is that much closer to buying it.

Use long-tail keywords: For customers near the beginning of the sales funnel who don’t know a lot about the product they are looking for, long-tail keywords come more naturally to them. You can look up the Search Query Report to find out which of these keywords triggered your ads and pick out only the ones that resulted in highest conversions.

Check out the competition: If your clicks have a low conversion rate, you need to analyse what it is that you competitors are doing right. Search for the keywords that are triggering your competitors’ ads and bid on them. Once your ads start showing up for the same searches, buyers will be aware that you are also an affordable alternative and they may be convinced to try out your products.

Don’t use a competitor’s branded keywords: This is an absolute no-no even if you choose to bid on the same keywords. You must avoid branded keywords to avoid paying for less qualified traffic. In case the competitor notices that you are bidding on branded keywords, they might bid higher and this may cause a bidding war which will not turn out in your favour. Even Google can take action against you for this.

Transparent pricing: Given the character limit in ads and rising CPCs, it is important that only qualified traffic clicks your ads. How do you ensure that? Just put the price in the ad. The buyer who is clicking on your ad even after seeing the price tag has more chances of being genuine. We hope these ideas will help you get started on a great PPC campaign with great results.

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