Go Offline to Build Links

Every digital marketer understands the importance of building links. They go much beyond increasing hits on a blog page or increased engagement statistics on social media. Link building is all about creating strong and reputable relationships. While the entire purpose and process of link building is to be online, what if we told you that it is equally possible for you to start the process offline? Yes, you heard it right. With your presence in offline events you can take major leaps in building links and getting more connections in the industry. No matter the size of your company, hosting, speaking at, or attending an event is a great way to gain exposure while adding some weight to your backlinks. Every stage of the event will provide you with multiple opportunities to build links. Here is how you can leverage them:

Before the event: Before you start out to make the most of events for your business, you need to have clarity on what are the pages you want to build links for, that is, what would you like people to share. Make a landing page for the event on your website. Once the landing page is set up, take it to the event listing sites. At the site of these events, you can connect with influencers and bloggers from your niche. This is a great way to build backlinks and if done right, can bring you great returns.

During the event: Whether you are hosting the event or are a participant, there are multiple ways you could use this opportunity to build your backlinks. Make sure to post about the event and get traction from the attendees. All brands as well as freelancers love to share insights from the content they put out in events. If you share the same, they will share a link to your brand’s site. Even if you are not participating in the event, you can write a detailed article highlighting the key events, the best speakers in your opinion and what you understood of the keynote speaker. This has a good chance of being shared around, specially by the people who were mentioned. While the idea is to build links, you should focus on building real and long-term relationships with the people you meet as this will take you places.

After the event: If you were one of the speakers, you can mail the attendees sending them relevant information which you had mentioned in the presentation. These can be organised on a landing page with downloadable files, making it easier for them to access it. This increases their willingness to share. It is important to track all your efforts, and to this end you can reach out for mutually beneficial collaborations.

While networking and building links in such events, it is important to remember that the focus should not be very short-sighted. Even if you did not gain many backlinks in the present, real relationships will pay off in the future, so keep your spirits high!

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